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About Me

My name is Genevieve!  Nice to meet you!

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 15 years, with many more before that it was just a passion and hobby. Still totally a passion ;)

     In 2021 I relocated to beautiful SWFL, specifically the Fort Myers area..from Minnesota. I came down on a vacation to Sanibel island with my family the fall before we moved and I knew! Just knew!! that I belonged down here.

The people I get to meet from all over and photographing them at the most beautiful beaches is a dream come true!

      My better half is Isaac, he is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me and my kids. You'll be seeing lots of him and our family over time :)

My kids, Sam and Evelyn, they are 22 and 7 years old and my boyfriends kids are Anthony, Ari, Deanna, Malia, Isaac Jr and Layla. Being a mom and now a step mom is what really makes me happy and keeps my days very full. Besides them, I also have 4 doggies. Margo, Maisy and Odin and Koba and 2 kitties Scarlette and Lana. They are pretty cute and keep me company all day long while I edit.<3


    Thank you for supporting my dreams of photographing as many of you as I possibly can and giving you work of art to cherish forever!

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