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About Me

My name is Genevieve!  Nice to meet you!

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 15 years, with many more before that it was just a passion and hobby. Still totally a passion ;)

     In 2021 I relocated to beautiful SWFL, specifically the Fort Myers area..from Minnesota. I came down on a vacation to Sanibel island with my family the fall before we moved and I knew! Just knew!! that I belonged down here.

The people I get to meet from all over and photographing them at the most beautiful beaches is a dream come true!

      My kids, Sam and Evelyn, they are 22 and 7 years old. Being a mom with kids on such different ends of the age spectrum is actually pretty cool. Besides the kiddos, I also have 4 doggies. Margo, Maisy , Maximus and one of their puppies Dozer! They are pretty cute and keep me company all day long while I edit.<3


    Thank you for supporting my dreams of photographing as many of you as I possibly can and giving you work of art to cherish forever!

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